Please expect slight delays in production and shipping due to Covid 19. Stay safe!
Please expect slight delays in production and shipping due to Covid 19. Stay safe!


If mod, disco and hip hop had a clothing baby, we'd name it BBMS and swaddle it forever. Clothes for day to night with a sporty vibe for maximum dance ability all while being transparent on our sustainability methods. It's high casual. With this relaunch (refresh! reboot!), we're so happy to introduce the Core Collection! This series will include a few BBMS favorites and staples that'll we'll always have in stock and introduce in new color variations periodically. For our first launch...THE FLUX JUMPSUIT makes a comeback! How could we not bring back this favorite?!? A fan favorite that's so easy and comfortable to wear without compromising any style, we now offer it in five new color ways...including sequins! Scroll down and check them out!

Wanna try it on?

I mean right now? We have paired with Couture Technology to create a virtual dressing room experience that will better help you choose your size! How cool is that?! This will help reduce over buying (you know, like when you buy 3 sizes just to choose one and then you have to ship everything else back!), reduce returns (aka all that shipping/packaging/fuel etc), and make you more confident about your purchase! Try it out here!

Sustainability Meter

Introducing the Sustainability Meter (read in super hero voice and imagine lasers in the background!). Now when you purchase BBMS, we will do our best to be transparent on how your clothes were made, what fabrics we used and where the fabrics came from. Each product will have as much info as possible in the description to make sustainable shopping decisions easier for you!

What Else Is New?!

I'll tell you what's new! With our reboot we'll also be manufacturing on demand and working with companies in the US that pay fair wages, using all recyclable materials for shipping (check out our special seed hang tags that you can plant and grow your own wildflowers with!) and expanding our size range! Click here for more info about us!

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